Jenny Meier

A Perfect Addition

A Belle Short — No. 2

It’s been a week since Leo’s birthday surprise for Belle and her world is still upside down — she just doesn’t think she can share him. And even if she could, is Ariana the right girl?

Leo’s second surprise leaves Belle more confused than ever. What her body wants is clear, but her jealous heart can’t be silenced. Is a threesome worth the risk of losing the man she loves?

“A Perfect Addition” is the second story in the Belle Shorts series and contains adult content, MF and FF sex, and mild domination. In this installment, Belle digs into her feelings for Ariana to discover whether her attraction is great enough to overcome her fear.

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This title was previously published under the pen name Celeste Monroe.


Ariana hesitated as she approached the entrance. The prospect of surprising Belle again made her stomach clench. Leo’s voice echoed in her head. “She can get jealous.”

She took a breath and opened the door.

The restaurant’s interior was rustic, with dim drop lighting and dark brick walls. Although it was spacious, it managed to feel intimate. Candles flickered on each table and patrons kept their conversations low, adding to the ambience. Ariana saw Leo sitting alone at a table and crossed the room to meet him.

“Ariana. Thanks for coming,” he said with a smile. He stood to hug her, then pulled out her chair. “How are you?”

“Nervous,” she confessed. “Belle still doesn’t know that I’m joining you?” He’d ordered her a drink, which she gulped thirstily.

“She doesn’t.” He smiled slightly. Was he nervous too? His eyes, captivating as they might be, were utterly unreadable.

He’d chosen a small round table, the perfect intimate setting for the three of them to talk. The drink settled her nerves a bit. She signaled the waitress, indicating that she’d like another.

“Have you talked about me at all since her birthday?” Ariana was ambushed by her own neediness. Leo had been the one challenge in her life she regretted never conquering. He was an Adonis, and she’d fantasized about him since grad school. Naturally, he’d found his perfect equal, and together they’d become some sort of Elysian couple. She’d barely survived missing out on him back then, but now, together, they were magnetic. The prospect of even a small taste of the pair of them haunted her. She needed them.

“She’s changed the topic every time I’ve brought it up.” He looked her in the eye and took a sip of his drink. “She had an amazing time with you, I do know that. She had a glow about her after. I think she might be a little overwhelmed, though. Tonight will be good for her. Good for all of us.”

He was calm and said the words with certainty. It soothed her.

He turned toward the door. “There she is.”

Ariana had been seeing Belle in her mind all week, but her memory didn’t do justice to the radiant woman who walked through the door.

Belle scanned the room gleefully, her lips slightly parted. She paused to brush a strand of hair off her face, and then her eyes found the two of them. In an instant, the happiness on her face evaporated.

The story continues…

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