Jenny Meier

A Perfect Fit

A Belle Short — No. 1

Belle and Leo are perfect for each other. They love, they lust, they laugh, but something is missing. There’s a hidden side of Belle that only Leo knows, and it’s begging to be revealed.

For her birthday, Leo takes Belle to a lingerie boutique where she’s greeted by a gorgeous saleswoman named Ariana. Leo wanders off and leaves the girls to browse the store.

Once they’re alone in the luxe dressing room, Ariana stops behaving like a typical saleswoman. Each “accidental” touch pulls Belle closer and closer to the edge of temptation, and she must decide whether she’ll give in. If she does, what will it mean for her relationship with Leo? Is there room for Ariana in their bedroom? Their lives?

“A Perfect Fit” kicks off the Belle Shorts series, the tale of a loving couple on a tumultuous and thrilling journey of sexual exploration. It contains explicit adult content, mild domination, and first-time girl-on-girl sex that lays the groundwork for an FFM threesome.

This title was previously published under the pen name Celeste Monroe.

What People Are Saying

Every now and then as a reader, you stumble across something that proceeds to blow you away out of the blue. Such it was with this piece. . . . [T]he pacing and energy of this story set it apart. As simple as the setting is, the author builds the heat and intensity to a fever pitch as Belle and Ariana tentatively explore their attraction to each other. All of it feels real, not rushed or forced. This is one of those stories you can imagine the author having to repeatedly pause in writing in order to relieve the tension she’s built up.

There’s a nice twist at the end, and a promise of more to come. I definitely want to read what happens next.

— Michael Dalton Bestselling author of The Wizard’s Daughters and Vector

FANTASTIC read. My first by this author, but it won’t be the last. It had the perfect amount of steam and surprise . . . . Congratulations to Monroe. Looking forward to more!

— KT Jameson Author of The Doctor’s Cure


“Go ahead and get undressed. These corsets can be difficult to get into, so I’ll help you.”

Belle’s eyes grew wide and her cheeks flushed, but she did as Ariana asked. She removed her clothes piece by piece, setting each on the stool. Being naked in front of a complete stranger made her squirm. She forced her hand onto her hip and popped it out casually, but immediately regretted not covering her breasts. Inhaling sharply, she studied a spot on the wall.

“Relax,” Ariana smiled warmly. “You don’t need lingerie to look great.” She grabbed an item off the rack. “Let’s start with this.”

Belle let out her breath and nodded.

Bending down, Ariana held the tiny panties by Belle’s feet. Once she’d stepped in, Belle felt Ariana’s hands lightly brush her thighs as she pulled the panties into place. Don’t get turned on! she silently commanded herself. She needed to drown the dirty thoughts that were suddenly flooding her mind.

“The cut of these really shows off the tightness of your ass,” Ariana said.

Coming from her, that was quite a compliment. Belle resisted the urge to do a happy dance, settling instead for a silent thank-you to the squat rack.

“You think my boyfriend will like it?” she asked as she turned her head to look at herself in the mirror. She arched her back to get the full effect.

“He’d be insane not to. Honestly, look at you.” Ariana stepped back and admired Belle. “Now let’s try the corset. Turn around and hold it in place while I lace the back.”

Belle turned to face the mirror. As Ariana pulled the corset’s ties tight, Belle’s breasts bulged deliciously. Her already tight stomach looked tiny and delicate. When she turned around, Ariana gasped lightly.

“I told you I could find you something amazing,” she cooed.

“This corset is exquisite!” Belle breathed. “My boyfriend will love it.”

“I’ve seen a lot of women try this on, but none of them have looked as good as you. The way it makes your breasts look, it’s like it was made for you.” Ariana reached toward Belle and gently stroked the side of her bare breast.

Belle’s breath caught.

“They’re so perky and full in this top,” Ariana whispered.

Was the lust in Ariana’s eyes just a trick of Belle’s imagination? Her caress was thrilling. Despite its lightness, it seared her skin. Her pulse quickened as she imagined how Ariana’s lips might taste against her own.

The story continues…

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