Jenny Meier

A Perfect Start

A Belle Short — No. 3

Today is the day. After two impromptu get-togethers, Belle and Leo invite Ariana out for a proper date. Belle is in control of whether the date will end with a cup of coffee, or something delicious back home.

Things are off to a great start, but when Ariana gets close to Leo, Belle feels her control of the situation slip away. Broken and confused, she turns to Leo. Can he help her figure out where things went wrong and get back on track in time to salvage the date?

“A Perfect Start” is the third story in the Belle Shorts series and contains adult content, MF and FFM sex, and mild domination. In this short story, Belle finally decides whether she can share Leo with Ariana, or any woman.

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As they pulled into a parking spot, Belle’s stomach did somersaults. Today’s date was her idea, but seeing the coffeeshop stripped away the last bits of fantasy. Ariana was real. The impact she’d have on Belle’s world was real. Belle was in control of how far the date would go, and the pressure to make the right choice was suffocating.

Leo turned off the car and reached for the door, but Belle grabbed his arm. “Will you just sit with me a minute?” she whispered.

“Of course, babe. Are you okay? We can go home right now. Just say the word.” He slid his hand under her hair and massaged the back of her neck.

“No. I want to do this. The coffee, at least. I just need a second with you first.”

The two of them sat in silence for a minute, holding hands. Belle basked in the sun streaming through the car windows as she took a few breaths. He loves me. He always will. This is what I want. I’m sure of it.

She squeezed his hand. She was as ready as she could be. She stole a quick kiss, then opened her door.

He reached and pulled her back into the car before she could climb out.

“I love you, Belle. Forever.” He held her face and kissed her.

She looked into his blue eyes. This was for both of them, and it was right. They got out of the car and walked hand-in-hand toward the shop.

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